Video Course

Projects & Student Work

This Video Production course has been developed with a UbD framework and project-based methodology. Skills are taught via a blended learning platform and hands-on experience. There is a high level of collaboration and group work and an emphasis on visible thinking methods and critique.

Take a look below for a few examples of lessons & projects.

Stop-Motion & Claymation

Students are introduced to video as an artistic and visual language through stop-motion animation. They learn about stop-motion and then view/analyze a few examples. They then craft an idea for their own animation, working either individually or in small groups. Students experiment with using the stop-motion technique to create a simple two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional animation that communicates an idea or story.

Scene Remake

This project is used to introduce students to the basic shot compositions used in video and films, as well basic editing concepts. Through the process of deconstructing and reconstructing a chosen scene, students learn how to create a basic script, storyboard their shots, use the vocabulary of video production, learn how to organize their workflow, scout locations, and the basics of video editing with iMovie. The project culminated with a class critique.