Technology Education

As a tech coach, I am constantly looking at spaces where technology can be leveraged to provide additional support and help meet the growing needs of successfully utilizing technology in an educational environment.

Take a look below to learn more about some initiatives I have helped support…

  • Designed using interactive Hyperdocs

  • Delivered via Google Classroom

  • Interactive assignments to check for understanding

  • Data points taken at the beginning and end of the course

The 6th Grade Transition

Technology Skills & Concepts Boot Camp

The transition from elementary school to middle school is a huge change. So much is different: from the campus, to how classes are organized, to how lessons are implemented, student expectations, as well as moving from iPads to the use of laptops for school and all that entailed with the increased usage of technology for their learning needs.

We asked ourselves, how can we help ease this transition in terms of technology? One idea was to create a “bootcamp” designed to be implemented with advisors during the first two weeks of schools to help facilitate this transition. A comprehensive curriculum has been out designed to onboard students to the basics of what they will need to know in order to not only survive, but thrive in their new environment.

This was developed as a bootcamp-styled curriculum for 6th graders entering our middle and upper school campus. The self-guided curriculum consists of a carefully designed collection of opportunities to learn, cultivate, and showcase the essential technology skills our students need to successfully transition into secondary school. The students work through each unit and earn badges along the way.

This was beta-tested in year one and rolled out in year two. Created as a blended self-paced course that runs completely from a Google Class with interactive Google Docs.

Example of concepts covered include; Basic Computing Skills, Internet Safety, Google for Education Suite, Cloud Computing, Presentation Skills, Mindful & Ethical Technology Use, and more.

“I learned how to properly use google drive and docs, and different tricks that make using them easier.” — 6th Grade Student


UNIT ONE | Setting up for Academic Success

✎ Section: Wildwood Systems

✎ Section: Boot Camp Setup

✎ Section: Internet Browsing

✎ Section: Internet Identity & Privacy

★ Activity: Create Your Avatar & Setting Your Profile Pics

UNIT TWO | Computer Responsibility

✎ Section: Wildwood’s Acceptable Use Policy

✎ Section: Basic Computer Responsibility

★ Activity : Create a Basic Digital Citizenship Poster with Google Drawing

UNIT THREE | Cloud Computing

✎ Section: The Cloud

✎ Section: All About Google Drive

✎ Section: Google Drive Search

✎ Section: Google Drawing Basics

★ Activity: Google Drive/Cloud Check for Understanding

UNIT FOUR | Google Docs

✎ Section: Google Docs Use

✎ Section: Google Explore

✎ Section: Google Docs Collaboration & Responsibility

✎ Section: Google Docs Add-Ons

UNIT FIVE | Search & Research with Google Chrome

✎ Section: Searching the Internet (General)

✭ Activity - Google Search Challenge

✎ Section: Expanding Your Search

✎ Section: Searching the Internet (Images)

★ Activity: Image Research Scavenger Hunt

★ Activity: Reverse Image Search

UNIT SIX | Email Advanced Use & Google Slides

✎ Section: Microsoft Outlook Mail

✎ Section: Using Google Slides

★ Activity: Create a Presentation

★ Section: Post-Bootcamp Reflection Survey

Technology Mini Lessons

I have also created technology mini lessons targeted to review or cover specific technology skills or concepts.

Below is a sampling of lessons I have created: