Graphic Design Course

Projects & Student Work


Sample High School Digital Art Class taught by Meira

This Graphic Design course has been developed with a UbD framework and a project-based methodology. Using a blended learning approach, projects are differentiated depending on a student’s skill level. Concepts are presented in tandem with projects that also build the technical skills of the student with each project building upon the previously learned skills. There is a heavy emphasis on visible thinking methods, visual research, and critique.

Take a look below for a few examples of lessons & projects.

Daily Dishonesty Poster

This project coupled the concepts of typographic color, contrast, & scale with an introduction to graphic design styles and students were tasked to create a “Daily Dishonesty” Poster. This poster was to be an homage to those little lies we tell ourselves just to make it through the day. This sentiment was to be expressed using the power of design and typography.

Creating a Concept

Students are guided through the real-life design process with the creation of a concept and proposal for a publication. Each student creates a comprehensive Design Guide for their concept which includes a creative brief, mood board, color palette, typography palette, graphic elements, and a cover. Each student shares their work and participates in a peer-to-peer PQP feedback session.

Design Principles Poster

The project is an exercise in exploring the basic principles of Graphic Design and putting that knowledge into practice. Students explore each principle by doing visual research via Pinterest & the Visual Research doc, refresh their knowledge of using Illustrator via video tutorials. Students follow the project constraints to explore each principle.

Design Independent Project

In this final project for the course, students proposed a self-directed project that utilizes the mediums, skills, and concepts learned over the span of this course in order to come up with a fully fleshed out body of work. Students have the opportunity to work either individually or collaboratively. Each project is required to participate in the Class Blog, create an Artist Statement, & presentation for the class critique.