Photo Finale

Project Description

For the independent project, students were asked to utilize the skills and concepts they learned throughout this course and their own creativity to propose a photography series of their own creation. Students researched ideas and concepts, proposed a project based around a concept or subject matter, had to get approval for this project, shot their project, edited, and presented their final curated work along with their process and intent as the final pièce de résistance for the course.

Project Steps

The project began with research and brainstorming for ideas about their projects. Students then had to write a project proposal that contained the following information:

  • What is the concept or subject of this series of photographs?

  • What is your inspiration (explain images from Pinterest or a particular photographer, etc)?

  • A short description of the intended project.

Students then submitted their proposal and met with me for final approval. Students spent the subsequent class periods shooting and editing their projects. They then were given designated class time to create their presentation that had to include project description, process & intent, and their final curated images.

Class Critique

A presentation exemplar was given to students to help guide them in how to create their presentation. Student then practiced videoing their presentations, which they shared their best one with the teacher. Final class was a presentation of each student’s work and a class critique.

Related Standards

  • ISTE: Creativity and Innovation

  • ISTE: Communication and Collaboration

  • ISTE: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Decision Making

Photography Independent Project Examples