Ed Tech Projects

Middle School Spanish

¡Ven a mi país!


[ISTE Standards: Empowered Learner & Creative Communicator]

Working in small groups, students imagine traveling abroad as an exchange students to a Spanish-speaking country!

Part 1: Groups must create a multi-page brochure [Google Slide template] to educate fellow students about the history, food, customs, and activities available to them in their country.

Part 2: Groups create a short questionnaire [Google Form] to be filled by “visitors” after they “visit” your country.

Part 3: Students export the brochure as a pdf and post that and the questionnaire to our Padlet wall in their designated column.

Part 4: To practice productive speaking skills, each group member records themselves speaking the information from page 2 of your brochure about the history of your country to the Padlet wall.

Part 5: Explore! Students explore countries via the Padlet wall, providing comments in the target language.

Padlet Wall Example
Travel Brochure Template [2021]

Google Slide Template

How to post&record to Padlet [2021].mov

Instruction Video for Posting & Recording in Padlet