Ed Tech Projects

Middle School Humanities

Learning From My Elders

Google Slides & Free to Use Images

[ISTE Standard: Digital Citizen & Creative Communicator]

Students in this project explore multiple perspectives and experiences beyond their own. In conjunction with their in-class book that the students have read that has the main character learning a skill from an elder, this project pulls students into exploring that same theme from the book and looking at the knowledge and skills that are around them in the people they know.

Students are tasked with:

  • Identifying a skill they want to learn

  • Finding an “elder” that can teach them

  • Recording what and they learn in a digital notebook

  • Learning how to use Google Slides as their digital notebook

In the course of this projects students learn various technology skills including how to use their digital notebooks (Google Slides), how to use video files in their presentation (Google Drive & Google Slides), and a short overview of creative commons, public domain, and copywrite law in the context of image search online.

Google Slides: Customizing Your Notebook

Google Slides Digital Notebook Template Examples

Students are given a template for their digital notebook to help guide their project. This is a blank shell that the students then have the ability to customize that gives them voice & choice as well as helps them practice the technical skills of using Google Slides.

Student Examples: Voice & Choice in Expression

In the digital notebook students are given voice and choice in both the design of the look of their digital book. Students are also given choice in how they want to present information whether as text or in the form of photos or videos.